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Sharing images online is something that most people want to do nowadays, as it can be really helpful to send important information to your friends via screenshots for example, not to mention the fact that this might also improve the overall productivity of a company where the workflow involves dealing with numerous images. This is why sharing images is really important and, thankfully, there are lots of websites that you can use in this regard.

Top Image Sharing Sites

#1. Free Image Uploader

This tool was created specifically to fulfill the need of preserving your images on web without registration or any fee. Working as a free image sharing site, this tool is really simple, you just need to drag and drop the image you want to upload on the website’s window, and it will be it will be saved to free web space with security protection. Once that is done you will receive a direct link to the image which you can share on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or just about any other social media platform you want. In addition, it also brings you HTML and BB-Code links which make sharing a lot easier to do.

Pros: Easy to use image uploading, links like Direct link, html link, are displayed clearly and you can’t miss them.

Cons: user account creation is not available right now

Moreover, on the same website, there is also a Free Screen Capture tool that aims to improve the way we take screenshots online and it surely succeeds in its quest. It can take screenshot and edit it at the same time. You may download the freeware version from below and make screenshots with ease.


#2. TinyPic

TinyPic is one of the top image sharing sites that allows you to upload both images and videos through an easy-to-use interface. All you need to do is to select the file you want to upload, and then add some tags to it if you want people to find it faster and much easier. After that, you will have to select the file type, which can be an image, video or URL. Once that is complete, you an even select a custom size for the images then share them via mail.

Pros: The tag ability is really helpful when you want to share your images/videos. Upload speed is very fast.

Cons: It doesn’t provide that much control over images as professional websites do.

#3. Imgur

ImgurImgur is widely regarded as the best and the most easy-to-use yet free image sharing website. You can upload an image by going on the upper right side of the website, then choosing from where you want to upload the images. You can choose to add images from your computer or from the Internet, both will do. Once you select the image, you will automatically open an image upload section where you can browse your computer for more images, paste from keyboard or even drag and drop images to it. After selecting all the images you want to upload, you just need to press the Upload button and all images will be uploaded automatically. Once the image is uploaded, you will receive an image link, markdown link, HTML image code, linked BBCode and other tools that will make sharing a lot fun and easier as well.

Pros: Brings a very easy to use upload mode.

Cons: You can receive errors when uploading multiple files at once.

#4. Photobucket

photobucket logoPhotobucket is one of the photo-sharing sites which has a lot of users. This site is so easy to use. Simply log in to your Photobucket account and click on “Upload photos” tab. Once you clicked it, choose the photo from your computer and wait for it to be uploaded. In addition to this, right after the uploading, you can choose to edit the image by clicking on the “Edit Photos” tab if you want to . There you can add stickers, frames, texts, adjust the brightness of the image, and more.

Pros: Easy to use, has editing options

Cons: Requires users to register, a bit slow in uploading images

To conclude, there are numerous image sharing websites out there, but the ones presented above are surely the best as they provide a great and easy to use interface, as well as numerous sharing options that help us send links immediately to our friends and colleagues very fast.

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