How to Capture Full WebPage with Ease

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Screenshots are very important when talking about computer-related stuffs and technicalities. They are a visual element that depicts what’s really happening on the screen. Website owners uses it same as to corporate individuals, net surfers and normal computer users.

There are many reasons why one needs to capture whatever is depicted on their computer screen. Those who want to save a certain picture, capture webpage bugs or complications, or save an important data such as bank transactions and all others are just some of the most common reasons. To this end, it is very important to determine the right way on how to capture full screen. Here’s a video for you to check for the quick workaround.

Copying whatever shown on your PC screen is very easy with the help of “Print Screen” button available on most laptops and desktop computers. Though, this traditional way to capture full web page isn’t always enough most especially if you want to annotate and share captured screenshots. Clearly you will need a specialized tool if you want to perform the above screen capturing tasks, know more about them after the jump.

Five Ways to Capture Full Web Page Screen

1. Webpage Screenshot

If you want to save some space on your hard drive or if you’re not a big fan of installing PC applications, Webpage Screenshot is what you need best. It is a web-based screen capturing tool that does everything in the Cloud. This software can capture current or whole webpage by simply typing in the URL. Moreover, you can customize the image size and quality according to your desires to choose the width, scale, resolution and all others.

Using it is likewise simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Click the “webpage screenshot” tab located above. This webpage capture tool is readily to use from above and does not need anything else.
  • Enter the target website on the blank search bar.
  • Hit the “take screenshot” button.
  • Wait and save your file.

Aside from the ability to capture full website, the Webpage Screenshot is equally equipped with free cloud storage for safe keeping files without eating up space on your hard drive. You can even add texts, lines, arrows, shapes, highlight important parts, add watermarks, and more with this efficient application.

2. Fireshot

fireshotAnother popular full page screen capture tool is called Fireshot. It is not a solitary software but rather a browser extension compatible with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Seamonkey and Thunderbird. Just like the above application, it can capture a full webpage or a part of it. Editing your files is also possible using its built-in editor. There’s an option to resize, crop, highlight, annotate, blur or delete certain elements.

To use Fireshot, all you need to do is:

  • Right click on the webpage where screenshot needs to be done.
  • Hit “take screenshot”.
  • Edit the image accordingly.
  • Click the “save” button.

With Fireshot, you can store saved images on social networking sites, also you can save them in your computer disk, clipboard, or just send them via email. However, bear in mind that not all Fireshot features are available for free. Some of them can only be obtained by purchasing the PRO version.

3. Snagit

snagit fullMade to quickly capture full screen of any webpage, what makes Snagit different amongst all is that it can also record PC screen activity within few clicks. Snagit lets you capture anything from protected images to playing videos. Customizable arrows, ability to blur images, speech bubbles, video trimming options, stamps, and special effects are just some of the features you can expect with Snagit.

If you want to screen capture full web page using Snagit, just:

  • Install Snagit and adjust settings according to your preferences.
  • Move your cursor to the webpage that needs to be captured.
  • Hit the red “capture” button.
  • Resize the image by dragging the selection box.
  • Double click to copy your screenshot to editing board and annotate on it before saving it.

4. Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot fullIf the above tools that can capture full webpage still don’t fancy your desire, you might want to check out Awesome Screenshot. Just like the others, Awesome Screenshot is not a dedicated screen capturing software but an extension that works with Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. This tool can capture whole or selected parts of a certain webpage. It can also annotate pictures using different elements such as rectangles, circles, arrows, lines as well as texts.

To capture full screen using Awesome Screenshot, you need to:

  • Install the extension on your browser.
  • After installation an icon will appear on your toolbar.
  • Click the icon to save screenshot of webpages.
  • Depending on your desires, you have an option to edit, save or upload your captured image.

5. Screengrab!

screengrab fullWhen it comes to totally free and lightweight tool that can efficiently capture full screen of a webpage, Screengrab tops the list. Screengrab is a desktop application that needs to be installed and it works with Windows as well as Linux operating systems. With this tool, you can create screenshots minus the complications. Using it is very simple and indeed straightforward.

  • Open the application.
  • Hit “New screen” to take a screenshot.
  • Tap “Save screen” to save your screenshot in your designed local file.
  • You can also copy the saved screen for editing purposes.

Although being free, bear in mind that Screengrab offers a very basic screen capturing features. You cannot record videos and options are scarce when it comes to editing as well as annotating saved webpages. Screengrab is only recommended for basic and light webpage capturing tasks.

How to capture full screen is easy, as you can see with the above tools, selections are limitless. When choosing the right webpage capturing application, take note of its features such as portability, processing speed, sharing and storing options.

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