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Many individuals need to take screenshots on many occasions, such as to save a certain scene from a movie or personal video, share some cool stuff from the internet, or share personal pictures to various social media sites. However, for some specific purposes, you may not be satisfied with merely capturing a snapshot, and need to modify it as well. So is there a way on how to edit a snapshot? There are significant numbers of photo editor that can be found across the World Wide Web, but it has to be suitable for dealing with snapshots while overwhelming options are not the case. To have more knowledge about these tools, a list of tools will be discussed throughout the post.

I. Desktop Editor

II. Online editor

I. Desktop Editor

Free Screenshot Capture (Windows)

If you need a tool to edit snapshot right after taking it, then this application is the one that you need. Free Screenshot Capture is a straightforward screen capture application that provides other useful function aside from capturing screenshots. One of these is its editing tool for adding annotations. This feature will allow users to edit their taken screenshot by adding line, shapes, arrows, text, and the likes. It is indeed a powerful application that is worth a try.

To utilize this app, simply go to Free Screenshot Capture’s site and download it. Once installed, open the program and take screenshot by hitting the “Camera” icon, then drag the cross hair and release. Now you can start with the editing by clicking the “Pencil” icon. Hit the diskette like icon to save it when you’re done.

Start using this tool now by clicking the button below.


Paint App (Windows)

This is a snapshot editor that can be found on almost Windows OS. With this application, users can utilize a pen, brush, or add text and shapes. Users can also select the certain color that they prefer, along with crop and resize tool for their snapshot editing. To use this default tool all you need to do is to run the app, in Windows 7 click start menu then search for the tool, while on Windows 8, simply move the mouse to the right upper corner, then type Paint at the search box. Next is to open the screenshot to be edited and begin with the screenshot picture to improve. Afterwards, the screenshot can be saved by clicking the diskette like icon on the upper left corner of the editor.

Paint Ip Man

Paintbrush (Mac)

This tool is comparable with the Windows Paint app and the discontinued Mac Paint. Paintbrush has an easy to use interface and basic functions which is perfect for editing snapshot such as cropping, adding lines, shapes, background colors. Start editing a screenshot by opening Paintbrush. Then go to “File” selects a snapshot to edit. Once the picture is launched on the editing canvas, you can begin modifying your screenshot photo.

P.brush ip man

II. Online editor

Free Online Image Editor

This is a well rounded free snapshot editor that is web based so there is no need for installing any software, extensions, or adware. Free Online Image Editor has abundant editing features that can stand toe to toe with those premium picture editors. These functions include a marquee, lasso, clone stamp, crop tool, flexible image layers, image effects, and many more. It has a great interface, spacious and not crowded with bunch of product advertisements.

free online image editor ip man

Here are the simple steps in using this application.

  • Open the webpage of this Online Image Editor .
  • Now click “Launch Editor Directly” and wait for the editing tool to appear.
  • When the program is loaded, look for a certain screenshot picture to edit by going to “File” then “Open image”.
  • From there, you can start with some editing, and when you’re done just hit “Ctrl+S” to save.


This is another tool that is known for doing basic picture editing. Users who need to modify their screenshots will find it works pretty fine. To edit screenshot using this tool all you need to do is to visit their¬†webpage, hit the “Edit” icon and open a picture to edit. Once the tool has launched you can begin with the editing. Upon using PicMonkey, you will be empowered with its editing features such as to crop, alter canvas color, rotate images, adjust exposure, sharpen image, etc. It also has an effect that is called Touch Up. Under this effect you can get effects such as “Blemish”, “Reduce shine”, and “Blush boost”.

Picmonkey ip man


Next application is the Photocat. To edit image with Photocat, simply go to their site and click “Edit a Photo” button which will lead you to the editor. When you’re on the editor open a screenshot to edit, when done click the “Save” button. This picture editor can help you do primary screenshot editing, such as to rotate, crop, adjust color, add effects, frames, and text. It also allows the user to modify their image by using the retouch tool. Moreover, it also lets you choose the slimming effect from retouch feature for a sexier and thinner effect.

photocat ip man

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