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When you encounter errors of system or a specific application, you will need to take screenshots of what pops up on the screen and email them to experts for help. Also, when you have seen some interesting stuff, you may intend to make a screenshot and share the joy with friends via email. But do you know how to how to take a screenshot and embed it in an email? This is actually very easy. It depends on what kind of email you use and the methods of taking a screenshot you employ. If you are using an email that supports HTML format, such as Gmail and Foxmail, then you can just copy the screenshot to the clipboard and paste it to the email’s text area directly. However, if your email application only supports plain text format, such as Yahoo Mail, then you can follow the directions below to learn how to email a screenshot.

I. Take a screenshot via key combination and email it

On Windows, the most common way to take a screenshot is by pressing the “Print Screen” button and using Paint to edit and save it to your local disk. On Mac, the default way to capture screen is pressing the “Command+Shift+3/4” simultaneously and the screenshot will be automatically saved to the desktop. To send screenshot via email, you need to open your email first and click the attach button to insert the screenshot. You can send it out after typing in the recipient you want to send the screenshot to.

attach screenshot to email

II. Utilize Third-party screenshot tools with email option

The method mentioned above involves additional application (Paint) for Windows users, and you have to switch to your email client. If you use a third-party screenshot tool that contains email option, then to email a screenshot will be much simpler. There are a lot of such tools, and here are some suggestions for you.

1. Free Screenshot Capture for Windows

This free application is a very comprehensive screenshot tool. With this tool, you can capture full screen, active window and any selected area on the screen. Other than taking screenshots, this app also provides basic annotating options like arrows, lines,texts and so on. What’s more, options like uploader and email delivery are also available on this app. As you can see, this tool enables you to take a screenshot and email it instantly. Take a download and follow the instructions below to learn how to email a screenshot with this app:


  • Install this application on your PC and open it. You can also access its online version at which also has the full features but requires no installation.
  • Click the camera icon or press its screenshot hotkey “Print Screen”. When the crosshair appears, click your mouse, hold and drag it to select the region you want to capture.
  • Release your mouse to confirm the creation of screenshot.You can use the options on the horizontal bar to annotate the screenshot. After that, click the email button on the vertical bar to send it out.
  • email screenshot

  • Then your email dialogue box will pop up with the screenshot as an attachment in it. Input the recipient you want to send the screenshot to and click “Send” at last.

Using this app to email screenshot is simple, fast and convenient. But it is currently for Windows users only. While for Mac users, Voila is good alternative.

2. Voila for Mac

This program is a paid screen capture and screen recorder tool for Mac users. You can use it to snapshot any parts on the screen. Other than taking screenshots, this app also allows you to edit and email the screenshot directly. Here’s the guide:

  • Download this program and install it on your Mac.
  • Open the app and choose “Fullscreen” or “Selection” to take a screenshot.
  • Before sending it out, you can make use of the editing options on the left of the screenshot. And then, click the “Mail” button on the top right side of the app’s interface. Type in a target email address and hit “Send”.

email screenshot via voila

Tips: If you need to email multiple screenshots, you’d better save the screenshot to your local disk and zip them. Then go to your email, click the attach icon to input the zip file. Input the recipient and click “Send” at last.

All in all, this article provides you several ways on how to attach a screenshot to an email. For those emails which support HTML message format, you can just paste the screenshot in the text. But if you prefer to use attachments or your email only supports plain text, you will need to use the methods offered in this post.

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