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Web developers and bloggers are increasingly using screenshots to better their products and work towards constructive resolution of the grey areas. With demand for screenshot extension on Firefox increasing, there are many screenshot addons for Firefox available in the market. However, some of you may not sure about what to choose and what parameters to prioritize. Here is a list of the top 5 Firefox screenshot addons and why you must choose them above the others.

#1. Screengrab

Screengrab! Saves the complete webpage as an image and all you have to do is just right click on the page that you want to grab and then look into the menu in screengrab. You have the option to either save the screenshot of the webpage to an image file or to the clipboard. You can even capture Java or Flash embedded in a page. However, you need Java installed in the browser for it. The demerit is that there is a bug in the 0.96.2 with Firefox 3.6 version and if you are taking a shot of any page with Flash or Java applets it crashes. The next version is ready and is waiting the approval of Mozilla to release.

#2. Fireshot

FireshotThe Fireshot pro is a Firefox screenshot extension that also compatible with Chrome, Opera and other browsers. It gives you the option to save a pre-selected area but scrollable pages take longer to process. Using it to snapshot web page on your browser, all you need to do is to click the capture button on the toolbar. Once a webpage has been captured, the screenshot will appear on a separate windows with the options to crop, resize screenshot or make other quick edits. For your convenience, the screenshots that captured with this plugin can be saved as image or even PDF files.

#3. Snapper

SnapperThe biggest advantage of this Firefox extension is that it gives you the ability to get a emphasized snapshot or an image of just the part of the screen that you actually require. This helps you save time in selecting, cropping and resizing your screen shot. The 2.1 version even allows you to capture the screenshot entire web page or only a specific frame on the entire webpage. However, it needs an upgrade to FF4 for better efficiency.

#4. Kwout

KwoutThis screenshot addon for Firefox helps you to snapshot any page and upload with an image map. You can even do it on private pages like  flash pages and private pages like SNS. This functions even on live playout. For example, if you are playing a movie on YouTube you can quickly take a grab of your favourite scene and save it. For this, you need to have a Firefox 3.0 or later versions. Remember, if you need to upgrade Kwout, you need to reinstall the latest version.

#5. Abduction

AbductionAbduction is entirely open source. It is perfect tool for taking either the entire page or customized region. All you need is to right click on any webpage or frame and save the page as image. However, this Firefox screenshot plugin does not support Retina Display completely. When used on platforms like MacBook Pro, there may comes the overall picture quality issue.

The Downsides on Using Firefox Screenshot Addons

Do addons compromise with the overall functioning of your browser? Yes, they use up key system resource and make your browser relatively slower. Some of the biggest disadvantages are:

  • Extensions are not the main part of the application
  • Installation methodology can at times be confusing to the user
  • They keep running in the background even when you are not suing them

So what’s the way out? How can you maximize your browse speed without compromising the core browser performance? The easiest solution is to allow an a54ddon only when you know you need it. Without a constructive purpose, just installing screenshot plugin for Firefox is impractical. Thus, users can make use of the following alternative that can run within the browser.

Alternative to Firefox Screenshot Addon – Webpage Screenshot Capture

This could be a very effective alternative. It allows you to take the screen shot of the current webpage by simply typing in the URL. The image size and quality can also be customized and there are several editing options for it. Free cloud storage for the image and a robust screen shot scheduler are the other benefits. This web-based screenshot is now embedded into this article, you can give it a try!

Thus, in order to clearly understand your requirements, you could install a proper addon based on the evaluations above, you may also go advance to choose a relevant screenshot addon. Gauge the pros and cons and the potential impact on the browsers functionality before the final installation. Also, it is always better to look for options which are inbuilt in the browser. In that way, you can easily avoid compatibility issue.

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  • I would like to get the Screen shot you embedded in your article on August 8, 2014. But I don't know how to make use of it. Will you explain please? Thanks, Mike Smith ps. Good article
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