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Taking a screenshot on the computer screen is important because this helps people in different ways. It allows them to show other people what exactly what is seen on their screen. In addition to this, it helps them show an expert of an unfamiliar message that suddenly appears on the computer screen. Apart from this, it also helps people in creating instructions in performing a task, and more. Actually, there are free online screenshot tools available for the convenience of the users. Below are some of the best free online screenshot tools recommended for you to use.

I. Free Online Screenshot

This online screenshot tool needs a Java plug-in in order to run. It is a straightforward tool and it is so easy to use. You can capture anything on your screen in just a click or by just pressing a shortcut key. It is a jump-packed tool as it has a built-in editing tool which appears right after taking a screenshot. Additionally, it allows users to upload image directly on the protected free Cloud storage provided by and from there, you can get the link of the image and is ready to share with other people. In case you want to directly share it over social media sites, just click on the share icon found on the editing tool. To use it, you can freely download its desktop version and follow the guide.


1. Go to, click on “Take Screenshot” tab and run the application on the computer.

2. Set the screen of the computer on which you want to capture.

3. Click on the camera icon or simply press “Prnt Scr” key to capture an image.

4. Drag an area using the cursor on the part of the screen you want to capture and then release the mouse.

5. The editing tool will appear on the lower/side part of the captured image. Edit the image according to your needs.

6. Upload the image on the free Cloud storage provided by the site.

II. Greenshot

greenshot online screenshot toolAnother easy to use online tool is Greenshot. Aside from taking online screenshot, this tool also has an editing tool which is a big help in enhancing the captured image. To use the tool , launch the tool and it will be placed on the task bar. Click on Greenshot and then choose whether to capture a region, full screen or a single window.

III. TNT Screen Capture

To make screenshot online, TNT Screen Capture is also a good choice. It also has an editing tool which allows users to add texts, colors, arrows, shapes and more. To capture the screen, simply launch the tool, click on the camera icon on the top of the tool, drag an area where you want to capture and then click on the area to capture an image. What is not so appealing about this tool is that it does not have the feature of uploading and sharing over some social media sites.

tnt screen capture

IV. Webpage Screenshot Capture

In case you want to make a website screenshot online free, Webpage Screenshot Capture is the perfect tool. This is so easy to use because taking a webpage screenshot is just a click away. To use it, review the steps below:

Webpage Screenshot tool for free

1. Go to Webpage Screenshot Capture page.

2. Copy the link of the webpage you want to capture.

3. Paste the URL on the URL box and then click on “Take Screenshot” tab to capture an image.

4. Save the image in the free Cloud space provided by the site.

In addition to this, this online webpage capture tool also allows users to edit the image taken using the online editing tool provided by the site. Furthermore, all screenshots taken using this tool can as well be shared over social media sites immediately.

Those are the best free online screenshot tools which you can use. With the help of these tools, no single cent will be wasted because all of them, especially Free Online Screenshot, possess all the features that a user might need in taking a screenshot.

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