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Screen grabbing is important because this helps people in many ways like making tutorials, presentations and more. Screenshots of software having instructions or other helpful tips can help people understand more how it is being used. Furthermore, visual aids can be easily understood than words from mouth. Aside from this, people do screen grabbing whenever they found something unfamiliar in their computer or something interesting in the internet and share them online. This article provides readers of the different free screen grabber tools which can be used in taking screenshots.

Free Online Screenshot

Free Online Screenshot is web-based free screen grab software which does not require any installation or registration. This tool can screenshot any part of the screen, a single window, or the entire screen. Furthermore, users are allowed to edit the screenshots by using the editing options it has. Users can add shapes, arrows, lines and texts to help enhance the grabbed screenshot. Not only that, users can also share the image on social media sites and upload them in the free Cloud space provided by the site.

Review the steps below to know how to use this free tool.

Step 1: Go to and click on “Take Screenshot” button.

Step 2: Wait for the tool to appear in your computer. You need to run the Java plug-in to use the free online tool.

Step 3: Once the tool appears, you’ll see a camera icon in the interface of the tool. Click it to start the screen grabbing.

Step 4: Drag the part of the screen you want to grab and then release the mouse to see the screenshot.

Step 5: The screenshot will be locked with the editing options. Edit the image if you need to.

Step 6: Save the image on the free Cloud space or share it on social media sites by clicking on the icons on the side part of the screenshot.

Additionally, this online screen grabber has a desktop version which you can download freely.



ezvid capture screenEZVid is known to be a screen recorder; however, this tool also has the feature of screen grabbing. To do a free screen grab using this tool, simply download it on the EZVid page, install in the computer, and once you see the interface, click on the computer screen icon. Note that this tool does not allow users to share the screenshot over social media sites. Although this is considered as free, users are still required to donate for at least $9 for the continuous development of the tool.


TinyTake screen grabTinyTake is a free desktop tool which can capture anything on the screen. This tool requires users to install it in their computer. Moreover, free screen grab tool helps users to edit the captured screenshot by adding text, lines, shapes, highlights and more. It as well has the feature of sharing images online. To use this tool, simply go to TinyTake page, download and install the app, and when it’s finally installed, see the hidden icons on the lower part of the screen. Click on the TinyTake icon there and then choose the grabbing options you prefer. Drag the part of the screen you want to grab, next, release the mouse, and lastly, save the file in your computer.


snagit screen grabberSnagit has a free and paid version. This screen grabber can as well take a screenshot of anything on your screen. Furthermore, images can also be pasted on its editing board allowing users to edit such image. This tool is helpful and easy to use; however, it does not have the feature of sharing it online. Users can either upload it first on social media sites, or send it as a file to other people. To use this tool, download the Snagit in the Snagit page, next, install it in the computer and a camera icon will appear on the upper part of the screen. Click on the camera icon to capture the screen and drag the part you want to grab. Release the mouse and the screenshot will appear on the Snagit editing board. Edit the image if you need to then save it afterwards.

Those are the free screen grabber software recommended to use in order to take a screenshot anything on your screen. All of them seems to be helpful, but the Free Online Screenshot tool has all the features a user might be needing.

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