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Taking a screenshot is important because it allows them to capture the image or part of the image or webpage they want instantly. In addition to this, taking a screenshot allows them to express some things that are hard to explain without any visual aids. Can you screenshot in Windows 7? If not, this article will teach you how to. Actually there are four (4) ways to screenshot on Windows 7, which I believe, all users know. Below are the ways to capture a Windows 7 screen which are very effective in any way you want to use them.

Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts
Make use of Screenshot Application
Use the Built-in Snipping Tool
Screenshot A Webpage

Method I. Default Key Combinations

To capture the entire screen of the computer, you may press on the “PrtScr (Print Screen)” key. And press the “Alt + PrtSc” keys to screenshot an active window. Always remember that pressing these keys does not give you any sign that a screenshot is taken. You need to use another program to save it as an image file. Take Paint for example. Open Paint, and press “Ctrl + V” to paste the screenshot on the blank board and click the save button to store the screenshot on your PC.

Method II: Utilize Third-party Tool

There is a free online tool called Free Online Screenshot. This tool is easy and free to use. It lets users to have high quality screenshot of anything on the screen of the computer. Further more, it has editing options which allows users to enhance the screenshots taken. Not only that, this tool also allows users to share the screenshot taken over social media sites immediately.

To use this tool, follow the steps below:

  • Go to screenshot.net page.
  • Click on “Take Screenshot” button and wait for the tool to appear on the screen.
  • Once the tool appeared, you may now start taking a screenshot by clicking on the camera icon on the interface of the tool.
  • Drag the part of the screen you want to capture and release the mouse to take the screenshot.

screenshot Windows 7

  • The screenshot will appear together with the editing options. Edit the screenshot if you need to.
  • Upload the screenshot on the free Cloud space provided by the site and share it over social media sites. You will see the options in the side part of the captured image which are aligned vertically.

Moreover, this tool has a desktop version which provides more functions, including various screenshot modes, automatic screenshot, record anything on the screen, etc. You can download it by clicking the button below.


Method III. Use the built in Snipping Tool

Windows 7 has a built in snipping tool allowing users to capture the whole screen or a part of the screen. The default shape to use in taking a screen shot is “Rectangular Snip” but if users decide to use other shape than that, simply choose the “Free-Form Snip” function. If in any case you want to capture the entire screen, you may choose to use “Full-screen Snip” or “Window Snip” if a single window is going to be captured.

To make a screenshot on Windows 7 in using this tool, simply follow the steps provided.

snipping tool to Screenshot on Windows 7

  • Open the Snipping Tool by clicking on “Accessories”.
  • Choose the snip shape you want to use.
  • Click on “New”button in order to make a new snip and drag a snip area or select a window to screenshot once the screen fades.
  • A new window will open once the snip is created allowing users to add highlights and texts in the image.
  • Save the captured image by clicking on the disc icon or by simply keying the “Ctrl + S” shortcut keys.

Method IV. Screenshot A Webpage

There is a tool which is able to take a webpage screenshot in just a click. This tool is compatible with Windows operating system. It is known as Webpage Screenshot Capture. This tool produces high quality webpage screenshot and it as well saves the screenshot taken in a free Cloud storage provided by the site. To know how to screenshot on Windows 7 using this tool, follow the steps below:

  • Copy the link of the webpage you want to capture.
  • Paste the URL in the URL box provided above.
  • Click on “Take Screenshot” button to take a screenshot.
  • Save the file on Cloud storage. In addition to this, this free tool also has an editing tool which allows users to add watermarks, texts, shapes, lines and more.

Those are the simple ways on how you can take a screenshot on Windows 7. People don’t actually need to pay for anything as screen capture tools are free at hand and so easy to use. You can now take a screenshot of an image in any way you want by using the methods given above.

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