How to Take Screenshots in Game

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While some people in this world think that video gaming is a fluke, there are countless people out there that placed video gaming in cult status. They tend to play games all day long, so having a way to showcase their emotions, achievements and other things they encounter while playing is an essential thing to do. Screenshots have been fully utilized in games for different purposes – some gamers may take pictures to place them as wallpapers, others use screenshots to show up their character info to players like them.

Fortunately for game players, there are a few software solutions that make it very easy to grab snapshots, some of which are indeed available free of charge. What makes things interesting is the fact that there are quite a few of these apps, so finding the one you need will basically be something based on trial and error.

Free Game Screenshot Software

1. Simple Tools

screensnagScreensnag, an application created by Wolfcoders is available free of charge and can help you get rid of all the hassle of taking photos while ingame. It comes with some neat features like timed screenshots, but unfortunately it lacks any image editing features, which is not something bad, but unfortunately the fact that it misses editing features makes it feel a little lackluster and incomplete.

screenshoterAnother free tool for taking pictures while gaming is surely Screenshoter by Inspiresoft. Just like the previous one, this one allows you to capture the whole screen or portions of it, then save the results in the desired format. Unfortunately, this one also lacks editing features, so once you take a screenshot, you can’t modify it by any means whatsoever.

2. Professional tool

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to take ingame screenshots or other screenshots, there’s a comprehensive software package we can recommend, and that is Free Screenshot software. With its advanced range of features, it stays undetected while you play, and you can activate it using a customizable button selection. As soon as a game screenshot is taken, you can then annotate on it using the abundant editing options inside the program and also upload the edited images to a free cloud server for easily delivering over internet (FYI, this program provides free cloud space for every user to keep their files with security protection). It’s surely the best tool in the business when it comes to grabbing screenshots or game snapshots.


What’s more, this piece of software also enables you to share the images with your friends at any given time, making it the perfect and complete solution. You don’t need to use multiple apps to do this, as you have a single application that does it all. Simplicity and efficiency are something that are really important nowadays, when all apps tend to be complicated and lacking in ease of use.

All in all, Free Screenshot is surely a professional and reliable tool that you surely need to check out if you plan to take some screenshots during your next gaming sessions. Be it online or offline gaming, it works great and will take the best pictures, as long as your graphics card can handle the details. So check your video card specifications before cranking up those specs to the max. In the end, you’ll get some awesome images that you can easily share with others.

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