Multiple Solutions to Annotate Images

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Usually when we need to add a story to the image or enrich it, we will look for possible means to annotate it. It’s necessary for people to annotate images as you could see them on the web. Aside from that, putting a text, lines, and shapes can also be useful in doing different demonstrations and tutorials. It could also be used in academic and business presentations. So for this post, you can now go through the top of the line image annotation tool.

Three Recommended Ways to Annotate Images

#1 Deafault way to annotate images

In putting image annotation, many individuals tend to use the default Windows image editor, which is also known as the Paint application. By using this tool, you can create various annotations to an image like arrows, shapes, text, and graphics. This app also handles different picture formats, with multiple color schemes to choose from. To run this app, you just need to right click on a certain photo and choose “Edit” option.

However, if you are currently using Mac computer, you can edit images in Preview as well. By making use of this program you can annotate images with just few clicks from the Preview’s Tool section. You can add various shapes, lines, text, fonts, and color. Aside from these, you can also adjust the thickness of the lines and shapes easily. Both of these applications work just fine in adding annotations.

#2 Free and online way to annotate images

For a more advanced way, you can annotate images online using Online Image Editor. It can be utilized instantly without any further programs needed. This web based application is packed with various editing features which makes it similar to paid photos editing programs. Aside from the numerous options to edit image, users can also upload image online, and get image URL for sharing. There is no need to worry about the compatible issues for this app works well with every browser and operating system. It is so far one of the finest online photo editors for it is fully-featured and easy to use.

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To use this application, all you need to do is to open your browser and go to the webpage of Online Image Editor. Click the “Launch Editor Directly” icon to open the editing tool and select “Open image from the computer”. From there, you can start adding shapes, lines, text, and many more.

#3 Desktop solution to edit images

Apowersoft Screen Capture ProWhen it comes to photo editing, Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro is a good choice for its simplicity and functionality. This desktop program can handle task like annotate image and other complex editing. With it, you can easily add creative photo filters and other special effects to the image. After editing, it enables you to share the image to Facebook, Twitter,  etc. Editing image is just one of its powerful functions, it is also able to take screenshot and record screen. It’s really worth trying. You can download it by clicking the button below.


Other Awesome Image Annotation Tools

1. Free Online PhotoEditor

FreeOnlinePhotoEditorThis is an uprising online editing tool that provides basic picture editing such as adding color manipulation, effects, and annotations like text, arrows, and shapes. You can start modifying your image by opening a picture through “Browse” function and then hit “Ok”. Or you can directly enter in the image URL in the address bar to open an image. It is a good app to start with for novice.

2. Sumo Paint

Sumo  PaintJust like its name suggests, Sumo Paint has huge editing features that can be used. Its main interface is complex just like those top of the line computer image editing software. This web based application is great for those who love to add something to their pictures aside from annotations. To your convenience, it also provides desktop version to use offline.


GimpGIMP, which is also known as GNU Image Manipulation Program, this computer shareware was been out in public for almost a decade. Since then, it continues to make its way to the mainstream as being one of the top caliber graphics editors available. With this program, you can do variations in the way you put annotations on your pictures.

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