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Capturing the exact activity happening on your computer screen is just one of the necessary measures people use in communicating on laptops as well as desktop PCs. One of these is Jing. This software allows you to record PC screen activity, and create short video tutorials, Apart from that, Jing is also simple and free of charge. Also, it allows you to crop PC screen images and make necessary edits such as highlighting parts, inserting text box, adding picture captions and more to produce the screenshot. Though, Jing has its own share of disadvantages. First off, it needs to be installed, there’s also a limit of 5 minutes in recording video, and it’s hard to find save button. If you want a better app that overcomes the drawbacks of Jing, check out the Free Screenshot Software. Read on to this article and learn more about this ideal Jing Alternative.

I. Features of Free Screenshot Software

II. How to Use Free Screenshot Software

III. Other Software like Jing

Before getting specific description of those tools which are similar to Jing, you can take a visual review of them first.

I. Features of Free Screenshot Software

When it comes to totally free PC screen capturing software, nothing is more efficient and effective than the Free Screenshot Software. It is a web-based application that does everything in the cloud letting you save an invaluable space on your hard drive. With it, you can capture anything on your computer screen, make necessary edits, save images on cloud and share pictures easily on the web. Take a free trial and check the features after the jump:


1. Take Screenshots of Anything

Just like Jing screen capture, the Free Screenshot Software supports capturing of web pages, media files, windows, objects, menus, webcams and many more. “What you see is what you get” is the main principle, meaning it can capture everything on your screen with no problems of saving them into images. Additionally, it works with Mac, Surface Pro, Windows PC and all others.

Free Screen Capture interface

2. Simple and Efficient Capturing Methods

It allows you to take screenshots according to your preferences. You can save full screen, particular region, specific application window, scrolling windows, web pages and many others. You can then save the captured image on your local directory or clipboard depending on your desires.

3. Automatic Smart Window Detection

One feature of the Free Screenshot Software that makes it a great Jing alternative is that it can automatically detect window application through “smart capture”. Using it is equally simple; hover your mouse on the application window and click to generate a screenshot for it.

4. Tons of Editing Functions

Just like Jing screenshot, it is equipped with abundant editing functions. This web-based application allows you to edit screenshots without the need of third party applications. You can create lines, add arrows, insert texts, add shapes, personalize styles, make watermarks etc. by using the same software.

jing alternative edit picture

5. Image Uploader

This tool can upload image directly on the free Cloud space provided by the site. The Cloud space given is safe and it allows users to add in name and password in the image. Furthermore, upon uploading, the site will give users different links/codes which can be used in different purposes:

a. Direct link- which can be used in sharing the image through email or social media sites.

b. Html link- which can be used to put the image directly on a webpage.

c. BB code link- which can be used for forum posts.

6. Share to Personal Network and Internet

Sharing pictures with this Jing screenshot alternative is very easy. You can upload to Cloud server provided by the software developer. Moreover, registering a free account gives you 1 GB of free cloud storage so you can save much local disk space and share images instantly. Then there’s a security protection for cloud-stored images so that you can share them to designated people without leaking any contents to others.

II. How to Use Free Screenshot Software

  • Go to screenshot.net and click on “Take Screenshot” to launch the online tool.
  • Once the tool appear in your screen, click on the camera icon found in the interface of the tool.
  • Drag the part of the screen you want to capture and release the mouse to get a screenshot.
  • The screenshot will be locked with editing options and other useful icons. Edit the image if you need to.
  • You can as well upload, save, and share the image online by clicking the icons on the side part of the screenshot.

III. Other Software like Jing


lightshot software like jingAnother freeware that functions just like Jing is Lightshot. It comes fully compatible to both Windows and Mac while the easy-to-use interface makes it a simple screenshot tool for novice users. However, Lightshot is not a web-based app; it needs to be installed on your computer.


picpick software like jingPicPick is a full featured application comparative to Jing screen capture. It is equipped with image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and more but you need to purchase the full version to be able to enjoy all of them.

Snipping Tool

snipping software like jingSnipping Tool is a screenshot utility built-in Windows 7/8 operating system that can capture and annotate screenshots. One big disadvantage of Snipping Tool is that it only gives you the basic editing functions. Therefore, you may have to find a third-party editing tool to help you polish pictures.


greenshot software like jingUsers looking for a lightweight application that can take quick screenshot, annotate or export screenshots can take a look at Greenshot. Beyond being 100% free, Greenshot does have advertisements which might annoy you from time to time.


SnagItIconAside from Jing, this is one of the commonly used screenshot software. This tool has editing options allowing users to add texts, shapes, lines, and more. Actually, a captured image will automatically appear on its editing board. On the other hand, this tool has a paid version and only the paid version possesses all of these features.


TinyTake logoTinyTake is a free screenshot software which allows users to install in in their computer. Moreover, this tool lets users edit the screenshot and it also allows them to share the taken image over social media sites.

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  • thanks for the summary David. With Jing you can take images or talk. My understanding is when you talk with the screen shot you can't insert images and arrows. Are you aware of any programs that allow you to do this?
    • Apowersoft is hands down the best alternative and it works on multiple operating systems, I have it both on my Windows and Mac. If you need to some basic edits you can do so without having to open Photoshop or any other photo editing tool. The Windows’s Snipping Tool is ok but the pictures end up kinda blurry, not recommended for professional work.
    • I like Jing for filming stuff and making videos but for screenshots and editing them I prefer using LightShot. You need to install this on your Mac or Pc if you have that. It has a lot of options for editing, adding text and prettify the image and I got used to it.
      • Thanks for your feedback. I also agree that LightShot is a nice tool with valuable functions. But you may give it a try for the free screenshot application at screenshot.net and see how it works.
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