How To Take A Screenshot in Minecraft

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Minecraft is a sandbox game that is very popular to most people. Players are able to build their own world using the blocks and some other resources which can be found in the game environment. Moreover, players need to look after their health and hunger in order to survive. Apart from this, there are also some other creatures that need to be defeated to survive.

Some Minecraft game enthusiasts make screenshots of the world they made to show them to other players. Taking a screenshot is just easy especially if you know the different key shortcuts to use. However, these key shortcuts sometimes do not give users the exact screenshot they want to get. This is because of the fact that they usually capture only the entire screen or a single window. Actually, you can also make screenshots on Minecraft with the help of different free screenshot tools. You can capture any part of the screen using them.

I. Recommended tool – Free Online Screenshot

II. Simple application – Screen Capturer

III. Popular method – Snagit

Solution 1: Free Online Screenshot

This is one of the easiest tools you can use to screenshot Minecraft. It does not need any installation in your computer since it is web-based. You can actually capture Minecraft in just a click or by just pressing the “Prnt Scr” key. Apart from this, this tool also allows users to share the images directly on social media sites, or even upload it on the free Cloud space provided by the site. Aside from capturing and sharing Minecraft images, it can also allow users to edit the screenshot taken. The editing tool will appear on the lower part of the captured image allowing users to add texts, colors, arrows, shapes, highlights and more.

free online screenshot for minecraft

To know how to take a screenshot in Minecraft using this tool, follow the steps below:

  • Go to page.
  • Click on “Take Screenshot” tab and run the application in your computer. Note that you need to activate Java plug-in to run this application.
  • Once the tool appears in your computer, press the “Prnt Scr” key on the keyboard.
  • Drag the area which you want to capture and release the mouse.
  • The captured image will appear together with the editing tools. Edit the image in any way you want.
  • Upload the image on the free Cloud space by clicking on the upload icon or share it directly over social media sites. These buttons can be found at the side part of the captured image, which are aligned vertically.

Additionally, users can also download and install the desktop version of the tool. It has the same functions as the online one.


Solution 2: Screen Capturer

Another free screenshot tool to make Minecraft screenshots is Screen Capturer. This tool is so simple to use. You just need to download and install it. To be able to use it, you can just simply press on the “Prnt Scr” key and a window will open. On that window, users can choose his or her desired capture options such as full screen, current window, window, or a region of the screen. Since Minecraft is a game and usually appears on full screen mode, set the tool’s capture source in Full Screen mode before playing the game. Once you launch the game, press on “Prnt Scr” to capture Minecraft.  This tool does not possess an editing feature.

screen capturer for minecraft screenshot

Solution 3: Snagit

snagit for minecraft screenshotThis screen capture tool has a free and paid version. It can as capture anything on the screen. Just like the first option, this tool has editing feature allowing users to enhance the Minecraft screenshot. To use this tool, download, install and launch Snagit. The tool will appear on the upper part of the screen. Just press the “Prnt Scr” shortcut key, drag the area of the screen you want to capture and release the mouse. After releasing the mouse, the captured image will automatically appear on the editing board of the tool. Edit the image if you need to and then save it on your computer.

Those are some of the third party tools you can use in order to screenshot Minecraft. With the help of these tools, Minecraft lovers will not have a hard time in capturing the world they have in the game they play.

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