Easy Ways To Make PC Screenshots

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Taking a screenshot on PC is very important because it allows people to get any image they want, which they can use in making tutorials, demos, and other presentations. Furthermore, screenshots can as well help them share anything on their screen with other people. For instance, people will be able to screenshot an unfamiliar message that suddenly appears in their screen. With this, they can easily show it to experts, or share online to seek help with other people. Below are the best ways to make PC screenshots.

PC Screenshot Shortcut for Windows

Windows operating system has default ways in allowing users to take a screenshot of their screen. There are keyboard shortcuts which can be used in taking a screenshot of full screen or a single window. Below are the PC screenshot shortcuts for Windows to remember.

1. Screenshot full screen mode – in case you want to capture the entire screen of the PC, all you need to do is to press the “Prnt Scr” button once. The screenshot will then be saved temporarily on clipboard. In order for you see it, go to “Paint” and paste in the editing board. From there, you can make the basic editing and just save it by clicking the disc icon on top left part of the editing board.

2. Screenshot a single window – to screenshot a single window, just press the keys “Alt + Prnt Scr” at the same time. Note that you need to put the window you want to capture on top of all some other active windows. Otherwise, you’ll capture a different one.

Alt and print screen

PC Screenshot Shortcut for Mac

Just like Windows, Mac also has some keyboard shortcuts which let users to take a screenshot of the full screen, a part of the screen, and a single window. Below are the Mac keyboard shortcuts you need to remember to screenshot your computer screen.

screenshot on mac

1. Screenshot full screen mode – in order to capture the entire screen on Mac, just press “Command + Shift +3” altogether. The screenshot will then automatically be saved in the desktop.

2. Screenshot a single window – if you want to screenshot a single window, use the key combination of “Command + Shift + 4 + Space bar”. Just make sure that the window you want to screenshot is on top of all the other active windows.

3. Screenshot an area of the screen – in the event you want to screenshot just a part of the screen, simply use the combination of “Command + Shift + 4″ keys. After pressing the keys, drag the part you want to capture and release the mouse to get the screenshot.

PC Screenshot Software for Windows and Mac

Aside from all the keyboard shortcuts given above, there is a PC screenshot program called Free Screen Capture which is compatible for both Windows and Mac. This is a desktop tool which is 100% free and easy to use. It can capture anything on the screen of your PC. Moreover, this tool has built-in editing options allowing users to add texts, lines, shapes, arrows, highlights and more. In addition to this, this program lets users to upload the image on the free Cloud space provided by screenshot.net. Users are also free to share the PC screenshot over social media sites directly. To be able to get this tool, simply click the green button below.


In case you don’t want to install anything in your computer, Free Screen Capture has an online version called Free Online Screen Capture. This PC screenshot software is also compatible for both windows and Mac. This tool has all the features that the desktop version has. To use this tool, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to screenshot.net and click on the “Take Screenshot” button.

Step 2. Run the application in your computer and wait for the interface to appear.

Step 3. On the interface, click on the camera icon and drag the part you want to capture (in case you want to screenshot the full screen, just click the screen. In  case its a single window, just click the window you want to screenshot).

screen capture interface

Step 4. The screenshot will be locked with editing options. You can now edit the image and just save it afterwards by clicking the disc icon found in the lower part of the screenshot.

Step 5. To save the image in the free Cloud space or share it on social media, choose an icon in the side part of the tool.

PC screenshot

Note: Steps 2 to 5 also implies in the desktop version of the tool.

These are the best ways on how to take screenshots on computer, and it is up to the user on which method will they utilized. The default screenshot function in every OS is a basic way on how to take snapshot. On the other hand, if users prefer a more sophisticated computer program, then there are various applications that can be use for free. By using these programs, users can benefit from added features that they provide such as adding annotations, cloud storage, and social media sharing. Try each method, and see which one fits your needs.

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