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Photoshop is a raster graphic editor, or in layman’s term a photo editor with advanced features. This tool is very popular and currently leads the market of image editor. By using this tool you can do photo enhancement, picture editing, or create an image from scratch. However, Photoshop is not free software, and it is not cheap as well, for example – Photoshop CS6 can cost $699 dollars, while Photoshop CS6 Extended can cost a high $999 dollars. Aside from the fact that it’s not that easy to use for beginners, due to some complex functions that it has. This is why many individuals as looking for the best Photoshop alternative that they can get. We will review the pros and cons of tools resemble below as follow.

Online Photoshop Alternative

Online Image Editor

This program is a great online Photoshop alternative since it can be used instantly without downloading or installing anything. Just like Photoshop, this application is packed with different editing options which are useful in either creating a new image or enhancing an on-hand photo. Some of which include lasso, clone stamp, marquee, crop tool, etc. Moreover, upon using this program users can upload their images online where they can edit it on cloud storage. Unlike Photoshop, all of these features can be use for free without a need to spend hundreds of dollars. Plus it has a user friendly interface and a language section which are very useful especially for beginners, and  it also has a flexible image layers, and picture effects.


To use this program, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Online Image Editor’s site, and Click “Launch Editor Directly”
  • When the editor is open, you will be given an option whether to “Create a new image”, or “Open image from computer”.
  • After that, you can begin with your photo editing.
  • Once done with the editing, you can save your picture to your computer, or share it to social media sites.

Sumo Paint

Just like its name describes, this web-based picture editor has huge editing function in it such as selection tools, paint brushes, shape tools, and so on. To use this app just simply open the app and go to its site, browse and upload an image and you’re ready to begin with your picture editing. Sumo Paint is often compared with Photoshop since it almost looks like Photoshop and provide functions nearly the same as it. This program features a blur for covering unwanted portion of an image, smudge that blends the pixels where you paint, clone tool to replicate an area, line tools, and gradient fill for blending colors. Plus this tool has a symmetry tool to create fun and interesting images, custom shape tool where you can add different shapes on your picture, and bulky star tool for creating numerous type of stars. Moreover, this editor has an online community where users can interact with each other by sharing their creative images. However, some of the functions in this app cannot be utilized unless you get a pro version that may cost $30.


Desktop Photoshop Alternative


This free Photoshop alternative is also known as GNU Image Manipulation Program. Many people turn to this program as the default alternative to Photoshop due to its capabilities that resembles to that of Photoshop. Some of the popular features that this app has includes: custom brushes for freely creating lines and shapes, and raw camera support which is beneficial for those who use high end cameras. It even has gradient fills for blending colors and layers for more complex editing. However, many of its features are supported by plug-ins, which requires further installation that could take a lot of time.  Plus some users have issues regarding its interface, and usability, due to the orientation  of the tools, which is arranged in a different way unlike Photoshop. This is quite true especially if you’re accustomed to other picture editing tools.


Serif PhotoPlus X7

PhotoPlus X7 is considered by others to be the closest competitor to Photoshop since it almost mimics the various tools and function that Adobe’s photo editor has in a lower price tag. This editing program is equipped with 64-bit image processing engine, noise reduction, tilt-shift effect, and edge refinement tools. Users can also add layers and mask to adjust certain portion of the picture. It even has a non-destructive crop feature which basically hides cropped pixels rather than discarding it. This cropped portion can be used later on if you decided to use them. On the other hand, some users find its interface as not that slick as its rival Photoshop, and lacks feature such as no dodge and brush adjustment. Aside from these, Serif PhotoPlus X7 is not a free program, so to get it; you must spend 79.99 pounds, which is around 128.20 dollars.


Photoshop Alternative for Mobile Phone


There can be times where in you need to do a quick fix of your image taken from your mobile phone, but you need a computer program just to do it. It this case, Pixlr is what you are looking for. It is currently available for i OS and Android users.This mobile app can be used as as a simpler version of Photoshop for smart phones, due to fact that it has some of the functions that can found on Adobe’s Photoshop. Pixlr features overlays, borders, and more than 600 effects to enrich the pictures that you have or add annotations and stories to it. And it has all of the essential functions that were expected from a photo editing program, such as removing red eye, cropping, and teeth whitening. However, the interface is not that easy to use, since the arrangement of the editing tools is different from usual editing programs. You can get this app from iTunes and Google’s Play Store.



Photoshop is indeed a powerhouse in terms of picture editing, but the price is quite high and only those with thick wallet can avail it. Plus the functions can be too advanced for beginners, especially if you will just add simple annotations or do some color alterations. However, you can always use the programs and apps as we discussed above. All of them work well, and it is up to you to decide which one to choose.

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