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PicPick is one of popular screen capture tools. It is capable of capturing anything from your screen, including active windows, entire screen, and any particular regions. This tool also comes with an image editor for cropping, resizing and adding annotations. After taking a screenshot, this app also enables you to share the captured image to social media sites or upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage. However, PicPick is currently only available on Windows OS. If you are looking for a similar program like PicPick for Mac? Then you can check out some of the best ones shown as this post continues.

I. Optimal Alternative to PicPick

II. Other PicPick Alternatives

I. Best PicPick Alternative for Mac

PicPick for MacApowersoft Mac Screenshot is specially made for Mac OS X. With this tool, you can easily capture anything from the Mac screen, no matter it is a particular portion, a window or the entire screen. Plus, it also has an image annotating tool which can be utilized in adding markings like lines, text, shapes, etc. When taking screenshot, there will be a magnifier that zooms in a certain area to enhance readability. You can also upload the screenshot to the free cloud storage provided by the developer. Once it’s uploaded, you will get links which help you embed the screenshot in some forums.

To take screenshot with this PicPick alternative, simply follow these steps.

  • Click the download button below to install the screen capture tool.


  • Open the app, click it on the menu bar and make some settings by going to “Options” before taking a screenshot. From here, you can modify the format (PNG, JPG, etc.), hotkeys, and output folder for the screenshots.
  • After that, present anything that you need to capture on the screen.
  • Click the application’s icon on the menu bar again and choose “Regional screenshot”. Drag your mouse to select an area and release it to create the screenshot.
  • Now, a preview of the taken screenshot will be displayed along with the annotating tool. You can add any annotations that you like.
  • To keep the image on local disk, just click the “Save” icon. Or, if you’d like to save it on cloud storage, simply hit the upload icon on the vertical toolbar.

PicPick alternative

II. Other Alternatives

1. Skitch

SkitchAnother alternative to PicPick for Mac that you can use is Skitch. This is a free screen capture tool that is capable of grabbing anything from your screen. After capturing an image, you can add lines, texts, shapes, and other annotations using the tool’s image editor. And if you want to show the captured image with your friends online, then you can do it by using its sharing function and share the image to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

2. Snip

Snip for MacThis program promised users of a simple and effective way to take screenshot. By using this tool, you can take screenshot of anything displayed on their screen. If you want to add some illustrations, you can use its built-in image editor. It enables you to add arrows, shapes, and texts. After taking the screenshot, you can save it directly on local folder. This is a decent application, but there are still some improvements that need to be done, such as social media sharing.

3. Snagit

SnagitUpon using this PicPick alternative, you can capture anything that interests them on their screen using its various screenshot modes. It also has an embedded editor which you can use to emphasize some parts on your screenshot. Aside from those, this tool even has a screen recording function that can help you record a how-to tutorial or something that you find amusing. It’s a good program, but you need to pay about $50 to enjoy it.

4. Paparazzi

PaparazziIn an event that you need to screenshot a whole webpage while browsing on your Mac, then this program is what you are looking for. This is a screen capture tool that focuses on capturing entire webpages. To grab a full webpage, all you need is to copy its URL address and paste it on the box provided on the tool’s interface, set the size that you want and click “Capture”. Paparazzi would be really helpful if you are fond of doing webpage review.


Those are the PicPick alternatives for Mac OS X that you can use in taking snapshot of your Mac screen. And it’s highly recommended that you use Apowersoft Mac Screenshot, because it provides instant annotation options upon the creation of the screenshot, which is of great convenience. And also, you will get free cloud space for uploading screenshots.

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