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Firefox is a well-known internet browser that is been out on the market for more than a decade. Its continuous innovation makes it stand along the top browser that we have these days. However, in spite of its popularity, Firefox do not have the feature to take screenshot which is beneficial in keeping a specific image or document while browsing the net. In this case, many users are wondering about the best ways on how to take a screenshot on Firefox. There can be some solutions online but for more reliable and finest methods, you can have a look at the ways shown below.

Method One: Using Firefox Extensions

The first method that users can utilize to screenshot Firefox is by means of Firefox Extensions, or simply an application that operates together with Firefox browser. In using this solution, anyone can capture their Firefox without installing any software. Here is two of the best Extension that you can try:

1. Screengrab

This is an often use add-on to capture a webpage or anything within your Firefox browser. By utilizing this tool, users are enabled to capture a whole webpage, a particular frame or whatever portion that they wish to have. To operate this program, all you need to do is to visit the Firefox “Extensions” or “Add-ons” page and look for Screengrab. Download it and sync it with your Firefox, now once installed you can go to a webpage that you wish to capture and press “right click” on the mouse, select “Screengrab” then “Save”. Now choose whether you want to screenshot a particular area or the entire page.

2. FireShot

FireshotThe second Add-on to take screenshot for Firefox is the FireShot. This extension has few more features when compared to the first tool that we have discussed. In using FireShot, each user is entitled to capture web pages entirely, crop, resize, delete desired elements, and save the taken screenshot to whatever file format that they wish. To use this tool, you must download it and install it to your Firefox. After that a FireShot icon will appear in the upper right corner of your browser, all you need to do is to hit it and an editor tool will appear. Now navigate through the tool and just choose what function you want to use.

Method Two: Using Web-based tools

If using Extensions does not please you, then you can use web based tools that do not require any downloads, installation, and will not mess with your browsers functions. Here are these Add-ons:

1. Webpage Screenshot Capture

This reliable online based app named Webpage Screenshot Capture is indeed one of the best and easiest ways to take webpage screenshot in Firefox. There is no need for a deeper understanding about computer to operate this app for it is very user friendly tool. Aside from that, it is packed with many features which include an easy web page capture with the use of URL, customizable image quality and size, a rich editing options and free cloud storage for taken images for free. Here are the steps to utilize this tool.

  • Open your Firefox browser and go the website that you need to capture, then copy its URL.
  • Since the web tool above is ready to use, so you can paste the URL to the box and then click “Take Screenshot”.
  • After a second your freshly captured Firefox screenshot will be available.
  • When done, a page overview will be shown. To save it just hit “Save image as a file” or in case you need to modify press “Save online” then “Edit”.

2. Thumbalizr

ThumbalizrFrom the name itself, this web based tool performs screen capture and save it in a thumbnail view. This tool is free to use and has a simple platform which makes it is easy operate to screenshot Firefox. Thumbalizr is a tool that is worth a try for it provides a screenshot of any website and gives the user an option to grab the image in various resolutions.

3. WebShotsPro

WebShotsProJust like the other online screen recording tool, this application is capable of generating Firefox screenshot with some clicks. It can be easily use by hitting the blue camera button to take the entire web site. And what is good about this program is that it has an album manager which is great in arranging your captured images.

Method Three: Using Stand-alone Program

For a more convincing way to take screenshot on Firefox, then have a look at this outstanding stand alone program named Free Screenshot Capture. Unlike the previous solution that we discussed above, this program does not require any registration and is absolutely free. By using this application, you can capture screen easily, annotate screenshots, upload saved images, and share images afterwards. A video tutorial is available below for you to get intuitive steps.


Moreover, you can also follow the instructions in words as below.
screenshot on firefox

  • Open Firefox and go to the webpage of this free screenshot tool. Hit on “Take Screenshot” and wait for a second till the tool appears.
  • When the tool is shown, click on the camera icon that is located at the app’s main interface.
  • Now drag a portion of the webpage on Firefox you wish to take and release the mouse to capture the page.
  • After that a screenshot will be display together with the editing options in case you need to annotate the screenshots.
  • You can then save the captured image in the free Cloud space provided for you and you can also share it over media sites by hitting the icons beside the screenshot.
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