How to Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the 5th installment to the popular Galaxy Note Series. This device features 64-bit Octa-Core chipset, Super AMOLED display, and modified multitasking with the use of the S-Pen. Capturing screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the basic functions that it has. This function is essential for users for it enables them to capture important notes, web content, memorable images, or simply keep a favorite gameplay achievement. There are different ways to take screenshot on Note 5 and the best ones will be shown as this post continues.

1. Use Powerful Screenshot App

2. Press Key Combo

3. Use Palm Swipe Method

4. Take Scroll Capture

Comprehensive Ways to Screenshot on Galaxy Note 5

Recommended Way to take Screenshot

Apowersoft ScreenshotIn taking snapshot on Galaxy Note 5 screen, it is advisable to use a well-rounded application called Apowersoft Screenshot. By using this screen capture tool, you will be given the privilege to take screenshot of any games and applications running on the screen, or capture full webpage content. It is also embedded with an image editor. After taking a screenshot, you can annotate the screenshot, upload it on the cloud storage provided by the developer, or share it with other people via other apps on your phone. Moreover, this mobile program even has a draw function which allows you to create drawings and sketches with fingertips.

Here’s how to screenshot on Galaxy Note 5 using this tool.

  • Get and install this application by hitting the download button below.


  • Once installed, open the app and tap on the “Start” icon on its starter interface.
  • Next, display what you want to capture on the screen. Then press and hold the “Power” + “Home” buttons simultaneously till you notice a white flash around the edges of the screen.
  • A preview of the snapshot will then be shown in the image editor. From there you can crop and add arrows, shapes, draw lines and texts to the screenshot.
  • how to screenshot on Galaxy Note 5

  • When you’ve finished, click “Done” > “Save” on the top left of the screen to save the graph. Alternatively, you can also choose to upload or share it directly.

Take Screenshot with Key Combinations

Another way to screenshot Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is by using one of its default screen capture functions. It is an old trick that’s been used by smartphone users for many years. To take screenshot with this method, all you need to do is to open something that you need to capture, and then hold both “Power” + “Home” buttons at the same time, and wait for a flash that will appear around the screen before releasing the keys. The captured screenshot will be instantly saved in the Gallery app, or if you wish you can edit or delete the taken screenshot by checking the notifications.

how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Capture Screenshot with Palm Swipe

The next screenshot function that Galaxy Note 5 has is the Palm Swipe. This is an easier way to take screenshot. Based from its name, this method takes screenshot by simply swiping your palm across the screen. To use this function, first of all, you need to go to “Settings” and make sure that “Motion and gestures” is enabled. Just go to the content that you want to capture, and then swipe your palm across the screen. A flash around the screen will then appear, and the image will be saved automatically under the Gallery app.

Palm Swipe on Galaxy Note 5

Take a Scrolling Screenshot

The next way to screenshot Samsung Note 5 is by utilizing the device’s default “Scroll Capture” function through “Screen Write” option. This method is perfect if you wish to grab a whole webpage or a long conversation. To take screenshot with this method, just go to the webpage that you need to capture, and then pull out the S-Pen or the stylus. Now, the air command will appear, next is to tap “Screen Write” option which will lead you to an edit mode. From here, tap the “Scroll capture” function located at the bottom left portion of the screen to capture the screen from top to bottom. If you like to capture the rest of the page, you can do it by tapping “Capture more” button which appears as soon as you make your first scrolling capture. Lastly, tap “Done” to finish the capturing and save it on your phone.

scroll capture on Galaxy Note 5


Those are the ways on how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Using the built-in screen capture functions will definitely help you save time since they are already embedded in the device’s OS, which you can use anytime. However, for additional functions like image editing, uploading or instant sharing, Apowersoft Screenshot is the perfect option.

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