Ways to Screenshot Games Easily on Windows OS

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Many people are hooked in playing computer games regardless if it’s online or offline game. People who consider themselves as game experts usually make tutorials, demos and presentations. With this, they need to have game screenshots. Game screenshots are important because it allows them to get visual aids which helps in explaining confusing things when said through words of mouth. Below are some ways on how to screenshot a game.

Screenshot Offline Games

Here are the easiest ways on how to screenshot offline games.

1. Default Way – Using the keyboard

Most offline game has the option to play them in full screen or windowed mode. In case you are in full screen mode and you want to screenshot it, simply press the “Prnt Scr” button. Pressing this button will not give you any notification that a screenshot is taken. Instead, the captured image will temporarily be saved on clipboard. To see the screenshot, open “Paint” and then paste the screenshot in the editing board. From there, you can edit the image and save it in your computer by clicking on the disc icon found on the upper part of the editing tool.

In addition to this, in case you are playing in windowed mode, you can easily capture the entire window by pressing the key combination of “Alt + Prnt Scr” button. Make sure that the window of the game you are playing is on top of all the other active windows. Otherwise, other application will be captured. Again, open paste the screenshot on “Paint” to view it.

2. Easy Way – Snipping tool

Windows operating systems have their build-in snipping tool. This snipping tool can only be used if the game is in window mode. It can capture any part of the game’s screen or the full entire window. To know how to take a screenshot in game using this built-in tool, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the game you want to play (make sure it’s in window mode).

Step 2: Go to “Search”, type in “Snipping tool”, and click it.

Step 3: Once it’s launched, drop down “New” and choose on “Rectangular Snip” if you will capture a part of the game. In case you want to capture the entire window, choose “Window Snip” and click the game’s window.

snipping tool screenshot

Step 4: You will be directed in the Snipping tool”s editing board. You can make a simple editing in there. Save it afterwards by clicking on the disc icon found on the upper part of the editing board.

3. Pro Way – Use Free Online Screenshot tool

Free Online Screenshot tool is a web-based game screenshot software which has very useful features. It can be used regardless if the game is in window or full screen mode. Moreover, it has a built-in editing options allowing users to add texts, lines, shapes, arrows, highlight and more in the screenshot. It also lets users to save the screenshot in the PC or upload it online so that it can easily be shared on social media sites.


Below are some ways on how to screenshot a game  in window mode.

Step 1: Go to screenshot.net and click the “Take Screenshot” button.

Step 2: Run the application in your computer and wait for it to be launched.

Step 3: Launch the game you want to capture.

Step 4: Once the tool appears in your screen, click on the camera icon.

Step 5: A cross-like will appear indicating that the tool is ready to take a screenshot. Click on the window you want to capture.

Step 6: The screenshot will then be locked with editing options. Edit the image if you want to. You can save it on PC, upload it on the free Cloud space, or share it on social media by choosing on the icons on the side part of the image.

free screenshot window

Review the steps below in case you want to capture a game in full screen mode using the Free Online Screenshot tool.

Step 1: Launch Free Online Screenshot tool.

Step 2: Next, launch the game you want to capture.

Step 3: Press “Prnt Scr” key or any other shortcut key you want (can be changed in the tool’s settings).

Step 4: Drag the part you want to capture and release the mouse. If you want to screenshot the entire screen, simply click on the screen and it will be captured.

Step 5: Edit the image using the editing options. Save, upload and share it online by choosing on the icons on the side part of the screenshot.

free screenshot screen

Furthermore, in case you want to have a desktop version of this very useful tool. You can have it by clicking the button below.


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