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The Nexus 10 is an Android-based tablet developed by Samsung Electronics and Google. It has a 10.1-inch screen display and supports any mobile apps that are available at the Play Store. One of the most common things we do on a tablet is to capture screenshots so that we can share important contents, new game tricks and other funny stuff with our friends. However, not everyone knows how to do it. In this case, a thorough guide on how to take screenshot on Nexus 10 will be provided in this post.

I. Preferable Way to Take Screenshot

Apowersoft ScreenshotIn capturing Nexus 10 screen, the most desirable way to do so is by using an amazing tool called Apowersoft Screenshot. Users can get this program from Google Play Store for free. This app doesn’t require you to root your phone. It is packed with 2 screen capture modes which are taking screenshot in other apps and capturing webpage screenshots with its built-in browser. It also has an image editor for annotating screenshot and share it to social media sites easily. You can also choose to store them online using the free cloud storage provided by the developer. What’s more, it has a “Draw” function which can be used to draw sketches so that you can quickly take down a sudden inspiration in your head.

Let’s check out the steps below to learn how to screenshot Nexus 10 with this app.

  • Download this app from Play Store and install it on your tablet.
  • Download

  • Open the app. For instance, I will capture a screenshot in other another app. So, in this case, simply tap on the “Start” button on the starter interface to activate screen capture.
  • Go to the app and display what you want to capture on the screen. Then press the “Power” + “Volume down” buttons at the same time.
  • The screenshot will be loaded in the image editor. You can crop it, add lines, arrows and texts to mark up important parts on it.
  • Lastly, tap “Done” > “Save” on the top left. You can find the screenshot in the “Apowersoft Screenshot” under Gallery.

how to screenshot on Nexus 10

II. Taking Screenshot Using the Default Method

The most common way to capture any Android running device is by using its default screenshot method. It also works for Nexus 10 which is based on Android OS. To screenshot on Nexus 10, all you need to do is to press and hold the “Power” + “Volume down” buttons simultaneously. Release the buttons when you hear a shutter sound, or notice the flash around the edges of the screen. This way works just fine, yet its function is just limited to taking screenshot. No annotating and sharing functions are included.

screenshot on Nexus 10

III. Using Other Third-Party Apps


ScreenshotAnother way to capture Nexus 10 screenshot is by using a third-party application named Screenshot. Upon using this program, users can trigger screenshot function with 2 modes. First one is by touching the shot icon on the screen and the second one is by pressing Android default key combinations. When a screenshot is taken, a preview will be shown, and users can decide whether to keep the file or discard it. Cropping, adding annotations and mosaic effect can also be done before saving the file. However, some of its features can only be used on rooted devices.

Capture Screenshot

Capture ScreenshotThe next app that can be used to screenshot Nexus 10 is none other than Capture Screenshot. This mobile app is available at Play Store for free. The key features of this tool include different trigger methods, a built-in image editor, image filters, and customizable Themes. It is a fair application to use, however, there are times that this app does not respond well, and the key combinations don’t work.


Those are the ways to capture screenshot on Nexus 10. Some users may choose the default method, while others may pick third-party applications. But for a more satisfying way, it is advisable to use Apowersoft Screenshot. Because it doesn’t require rooting your tablet and provides other features like image editing, uploading

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