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AsusTdk Computer Inc. is the fifth-largest PC vendor in the world. Asus has a wide range of notebooks, ultrabooks and desktops. According to different purposes, they are divided into several categories which are generally gaming, multimedia and daily computing. No matter which Asus PC you are using, you will always need to take screenshots when you want to show others a funny conversation, save a movie frame, and report a bug. The simplest way to take screenshot on Asus is to press the “Print Screen” key. But you can’t capture a specific area on the screen in this way. And you have to opt to use additional programs like Paint to edit and save it to your local disk.

In order to make this job in one-stop, here are some professional screenshot tools for you to choose.

I. Print Screen on Asus with Comprehensive Tool

This screenshot app is a very comprehensive tool. It is applicable to any versions of Windows OS you are running on your Asus. You can use it to capture any parts on your screen. Other than taking screenshots, this app also gives you options of annotating, uploading and sharing the screenshots in an instant. Another advantage of this application is that it offers its users two versions: the online version and the desktop version. The online one means that you don’t need to install any program on your PC; the desktop one indicates that you can still access it when you are offline.


Here are the steps for you to know how to take a screenshot on Asus with this tool:

  • Navigate to, click “Take Screenshot” button and run Java applet.
  • When its interface comes up, hit the camera icon and drag your mouse to select the area you want. Release your mouse to confirm the screenshot. You can make use of the editing options underneath the screenshot before saving it.
  • screenshot on Asus

  • At last, hit the disc button to store the screenshot to your local disk or click the share button to send it to your social accounts.

Tips: If you want to capture a new screenshot with a delay, you should resume to the starter interface, go to its “Options”, check the “Capture screen after” and set your delay in capture. You can also choose the “Include cursor in capture” if you want take a screenshot with the mouse cursor in the picture for creating instructional graphs.

II. Screenshot on Asus with Other Programs

The screenshot tool above is very flexible. Whether you install it or not, you can always access all its functions. Anyway, you can also try some other screenshot applications that require installation before using them.

1. PicPick

PicPick iconAnother screenshot tool you can use on your Asus is PicPick. It is specially designed for home users with multiple screenshot modes such as full screen, scrolling window and free hand. The built-in image editor offers you multiple editing options like resize, crop, and abundant annotations. Once you are done with capturing and editing the screenshot, you can save it to your local disk, share it to social network or send it to other programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, this tool is not free.

2. LightShot

LightShot iconLightShot is a simple screenshot tool. It also enables you to capture any part on the screen. When the screenshot is taken, you will be given options to annotate, upload or share it. This application is applicable to various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera. However, to use this tool, you have to install it first and it doesn’t support delay in capture and the image formats are limited to JPEG and PNG.

3. DuckLink Screen Capture

DuckCapture iconIt is also called DuckCapture. This is a simple-to-use screenshot program which supports several capture modes, such as region, window, scrolling window and full screen. Once the screenshot is taken, you can add annotations to it, and then save it in different formats (BMP, JPEG and PNG) to your local disk. But this app also lacks a setting for delayed capture and the editing options are so limited. What’s more, you are unable to share the screenshot to your social network instantly upon its creation.


In fact, there are plenty of screenshot tools on the Internet. This post provides three applications for you to learn how to take screenshot on Asus. Among them, Free Screenshot Capture is the best as it is flexible (You can either use the online version or the desktop version) and has robust functions.

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  • I don't get what the apps are if I wanted to know how to do it with the keys
    • Hi. Apps allow you to take screenshot and edit/upload/share it immediately.
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