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Toshiba computer is one of the most popular computer brands in the world. In our daily use of this computer, we will inevitably come across some malfunctions on it. To ask a technician for help, it is better to take screenshots of what pops up on your screen because screenshots can show what exactly is going on. Other than reporting bugs, there are also some other situations that you need to know how to take a screenshot on a Toshiba, for example, you want to save some funny conversations, game scenes or interesting information on the Internet. Below is the video shows you how to capture screenshot on Toshiba, you may also read detailed instructions after the jump.

1. Free Screenshot Capture

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

3. Snagit

4. Faststone Capture

5. Awesome Screenshot

1.Capture Screen on Toshiba with Free Screenshot Capture

This app is a powerful online snapshot tool that allows you to capture anything on the screen and store the screenshots in popular formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP. Aside from taking screenshots, this tool also gives you multiple editing options, and permits you to upload or share images as soon as the screenshot is made. To utilize this app to screenshot on Toshiba laptop, here are the steps:

  • Navigate to, click the “Take Screenshot” button and run Java applet to load this app until its interface pops up.
  • Put the content you want on the top of other tasks. And then resume to the app’s interface, click the camera icon.
  • Drag your mouse to select an area and release the mouse to capture it. You can make use of the editing functions if you like and click the save button to store it to your local disk.

capture screen on Toshiba

This app also has a desktop version for your offline use.


Pros: It’s free and allows you to take screenshot, edit and share images at one time.

Cons: It lacks enough social sharing options.

2. Screenshot Toshiba with Keyboard Shortcuts

As we all know that, as Toshiba comes with Windows OS, we just need to press the “Print Screen” key to take a screenshot and use “Paint” to save the screenshot (This method is for Windows 7). While on Windows 8, the screenshot will be automatically saved to the “Pictures” library when you press “Print Screen”. It’s worth mentioning that on some laptops, you need to press “Fn” key and the “Print Screen” key together to activate the screenshot function.

screenshot on Toshiba

Pros: You don’t need to install any extra software.

Cons: You still need other programs if you want to edit and share the graph.

3.Print Screen on Toshiba with Snagit

Snagit iconAs is known to all, Snagit is one of the most professional tools for taking screenshots. You can click the red button on its interface or press its screenshot hotkey to capture anything on your Toshiba computer. This app has a built-in editor. After you take a screenshot with it, the screenshot will be automatically appeared in the editor. And you can make full use of its editing options. When everything is done, click the save button to store the image to your local disk or just choose the social network button to share it online. With this powerful screenshot software, making a screen capture on Toshiba becomes really easy.

Pros: Powerful screenshot tool with multiple functions

Cons: It needs installation and charges you $49.95.

4.Snapshot on Toshiba with Faststone Capture

Faststone Capture iconThis program is also specialized in taking screenshots. It offers several screenshot modes, such as “Capture Rectangular Region”, “Capture Freehand Region” and “Capture Scrolling Window”. Editing tools are also available on this software. You can annotate, resize and crop the screenshot you’ve taken. There are multiple image formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.) for you to choose when you save the image to your local disk. However, you are unable to upload or share the screenshot directly upon its creation.

Pros: It has a lot of screenshot modes and can record screen.

Cons: It’s not a free program and doesn’t offer sharing options.

5. Take Screenshot on Toshiba with Awesome Screenshot

AwesomeThis is a reliable screen cap tool that works as a browser plug-in or extension. So an incompatibility issue with your Toshiba is definitely not a problem. This tool features a screenshot that is capable of taking specific area of the screen or even an entire webpage. It also has a default editor that is useful in adding text, shapes, lines, pointers, and some blurring effects. Just hit the Awesome Screenshot icon on the upper right corner of the browser and your ready to go.

Pros: Can capture the whole page even those not visible on browser window.

Cons: Relies on the browser to work.


These are indeed four of the best ways to take screenshot on Toshiba laptops. As we can see, each solution differs from each other so that you can have more options to choose from. While the pros and cons will somewhat help you distinguish which method will suit your needs. However, in taking top quality screenshots on Toshiba laptop, it is advisable to use a professional program such as Free Screen Capture, for it is perfectly design to meet all of your screen capturing needs.
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