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As is known to all that Photoshop is a powerful image editor developed and released by Adobe Systems. It can be used on both Windows and Mac OS X. There are numerous editing options and effects on Photoshop, which enable you to do any graphical changes to a picture. However, Photoshop is too professional for some people to conduct. People who need to explain the professional process of using Photoshop have to use screenshots to make the explanation clear and intuitive. Taking Photoshop screenshot can also help you ask technicians for troubleshooting.

There are various methods to take a screenshot on Photoshop. The default way of using “Print Screen”/”Fn + Print Screen” on Windows or “Command + Shift + 3/4” on Mac is far enough and really inconvenient to make an instant instructional screenshot with highlights. Therefore, it is wise to make use of a simple yet full-featured screenshot utility. In this case, this article will tell you how to take screenshot of Photoshop with some optimal tools.

1. Free Screenshot Capture

This screenshot tool is a preferred one to print screen Photoshop. It is a web-based application, which means you don’t have to install it on your PC. With this application, you’re able to capture any region on the screen. This tool also offers instant annotation options upon the creation of a screenshot. What’s more, you are allowed to manage the screenshot in several ways: save it to your local disk, copy it to the clipboard, share it to your social accounts or upload it to the free cloud provided by the developer. All those actions (taking screenshot, annotating and managing the screenshot) can be done in seconds on just one interface. Let’s take a look at the steps of how to screenshot Photoshop with this application.

  • Go to, click “Take Screenshot” to load this application.
  • Hit the camera icon, and select an area on Photoshop when your cursor turns into a crosshair.
  • Release your mouse to confirm the screenshot. You can now add lines, arrows, texts etc. to the graph.
  • Click the disc button to save it to your local disk. You can also share or upload the Photoshop screen capture.

Photoshop screen capture

You can also download its pro version for more functions, including multiple screenshot modes, screenshot scheduler, delay in capture and so on.


2. Greenshot

This is another well-known free screenshot program. You can also capture any parts on the screen with this tool. It comes with an image editor as well, which offers you some basic annotating options: rectangle, line, text etc. But those options are not available the moment you take a screenshot. You can access them by clicking “Open in image editor” option on a list which will appear after you take a screenshot. On that list, you are also able to copy the screenshot to clipboard, send it to Office programs, upload it to Imgur or email it. With all those features, Greenshot is undoubtedly another good choice to create Photoshop screen capture.

print screen Ps with Greenshot

3. LightShot

LightShot is not only available for Windows/Mac, but also can work with web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera. You are able to capture any area on the screen, let alone Photoshop (as long as it is visible on the screen). You can annotate the screenshot with simple elements (lines, arrows, texts and so on) upon the creation of it. When the annotating is done, you can also save the screenshot to your local drive, copy it to the clipboard, upload it or share it to your social networks. However, this program has one flaw: there is no direct setting for you to stop its auto-run when your OS starts. And this auto-run action will affect your OS starting speed.

LightShot Ps


This post introduces three free, simple yet full-featured tools for you to screenshot Photoshop. Among them, Free Screenshot Capture is absolutely the most favored one for its flexible accessibility, instant annotating options, and multiple output ways. And also, it will never automatically run unless you check this option in its settings.


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