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From the old days, people often share pictures by printing them out and sending to snail mails. Collecting photos and putting them on big heavy albums is yet another way. But with today’s vast and highly diverse technology, sharing pictures can be done in seconds. The old way of printing photo albums is mainly for family use only while sharing photos via internet is even more convenient currently.

Being a mighty network, internet is able to deliver files to others within minutes. If you’re willing to share out an image quickly, you may rest assured that you could utilize email, social account and others to do so. However, if you’re looking for a method to organize tons of images and deliver them them to people flexibly, then you should look for a free site which offers image sharing services available online. Thus, all your distant relatives, friends who live far from your place and all others can see those depictions in an instant.

How to share photos online is easy, there’s no in-depth technical skill or profound internet knowledge required, just the basic ones. Below are easy-to-follow techniques that will help you get started. This video shows you how to share image on the sites introduced after the jump.

I. Share Image on Social Networks

The easiest way to share your pictures online is through the use of social networking sites. Tons of them are available depending on your needs. Social network is a place for people to build up the connection with relatives, friends and even uknown people by posting images, videos, etc. Some of the most popular ones are Google+, Twitter and the ever wonderful Facebook.

Basically, all of them work the same in one way or another. Let’s take Facebook as an example, which is the most popular social sharing media. Sharing photos on Facebook is easy, all you need to do is:

  • Go to and create an account, this is free for everyone worldwide. If you already have an account, go on to next step.
  • After you have completed your profile and added some friends, click your name to open your personal page.
  • Click the “Photos” tab on top and hit “Create Photo Album” or “Upload Photos”. Then you can choose the pictures you want to share online.

share image on Facebook

With Facebook, it is easy to share pictures online since it comes with dedicated “Share” buttons and ability to tag-in friends. The same principle applies over other social networking sites. However, if you’re looking for how to manage the photos or share them in the form of links for using in forums, there are other options available.

II. Share Images Online via Photo Sharing Sites

Compared to social networking sites, photo sharing sites provides a more professional way to do this trick. Aside from the ability to upload photos on the internet, photo sharing sites can generate links for posting images to blogs and websites.  It also gives you the embedded image code for using in any site without having to uploading them. Some  photo sharing sites also let you organize your phones within your web space or even create your own albums.

There are tons of free photo sharing websites, one popular online tool that’s extraordinary useful is the Free Image Uploader. As the name says, it requires no subscription fee, installation or others to use its service. Without the need to install it on your PC, you could use this tool right away and it does everything in the cloud.

share photos online

This application allows you to share image online with such ease and convenience. Also, it comes with a built-in image editor that you can directly use to polish images. Using it is very easy, just follow the guides below:

  • Go to the  webpage of this free image uploader.
  • Select the picture you wish to share by dragging it or clicking the “Browse and upload images” button.
  • Should you need to edit the picture first, just click the “Image Editor” tab above.
  • A list of available sharing options will be presented upon completion of photo upload.
  • You will get the direct link, HTML link, code link or share it online via third party apps.

Aside from Free Image Uploader, there are other websites you could try to share pictures online. Most of them are free while others require payment to use their services. Check them out after the jump.


PhotobucketTagged as one of the most widely used sites in terms of sharing pictures online, PhotoBucket has been in the business for quite some time. It is free to use but you need to create an account before you can start uploading images. It features a wonderful looking interface and capable photo editor that works like a charm. Although free, PhotoBucket has a 10GB fair usage cap for every user. Excessive images which occupy over 10 GB are not available for viewing unless you upgrade your account to a paid one.


ShutterflyMore than just a website that can share image online, Shutterfly equally offers printouts from stationaries to home decors. Although some might see this as an extra advantage, it can somehow ruin the overall photo sharing experience due to the extremely diverse services being presented. What makes Shutterfly amazing though is that you can create stunning photo books that can be shared online. It is free to use but requires an account to start.


SmugMugHow to share photos online might be tricky for some, but with SmugMug‘s simple yet feature-filled web interface, everything can be done effortlessly. This site offers fully hosted images, unlimited image traffic, unlimited photo uploads, ability to embed HD photos, various applications to enhance picture quality, support for videos, and many others. Conversely, SmugMug is no free. It comes with different subscription packages from $5 per month up to $35 for corporate accounts.

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