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There are different cases wherein you want to take screenshot of the computer screen. You may need to capture an important post, a beautiful scenery picture, or screenshot a program for some tutorials. Recently, Microsoft came up with a new program called Snip. This Office tool has a screenshot capability with an embedded image editor. It also has a record function which allows you to record whatever you draw on its digital whiteboard. Check the detailed Snip Review in the following part.

Review for Snip

Snip is an Office tool developed by Microsoft’s Garage project, which is now on its first beta version. Although it is still under trial, this program runs smoothly without any lags. There are three functions, namely, capture screenshots, whiteboard for drawing and capture screenshots from camera. It also comes with a simple image editor. It has a pen which can be used in 5 colors, a recording function that is useful in making tutorials or demonstration. In saving the captured screenshot or recording, users are given options whether to store it in local folder or share it via email. Its camera function works fine, but the quality of the screenshot will depend on type of camera that the user has.

Microsoft Snip

Pros: It’s very simple and handy.

Cons: The annotating options are limited and the recording function can only record the drawing board of the application.

To avoid its drawbacks, it is highly recommended that you use Snip alternatives listed below.

Best Alternatives to Snip

1. Free Screenshot Capture

Free Screenshot CaptureThis is a web-based screen capture application. It is capable of capturing anything on the screen, including full screen, active window and specific regions. Aside from taking screenshot, this app features a built-in image editor that allows users to add lines, shapes, arrows, texts, blur, etc. It also has a sharing function for sharing your image on various social media sites. And in storing the captured image, you can either save it local folder or upload it to free cloud storage provided by the developer. This tool is indeed a great alternative to Snip, since it provides the same screenshot function but gives more advanced and useful functions.

alternative to Snip

To use this app, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to, click the “Take Screenshot” button and run Java applet to launch the tool.
  • After that, display anything you want to screenshot on the screen.
  • Then, resume to this screenshot application and click the “Camera” button. You mouse cursor will then turn into a crosshair. Click, hold and drag the crosshair to select the screenshot area and release your mouse to confirm it.
  • A screenshot preview along with an image editor will be shown. From here you can add lines, shapes, texts, etc.
  • Click the disk-like button to save the screenshot to your local file.

Moreover, this tool has a Pro version. Unlike the online version, the Pro version has more than 10 screen capture modes. It also has an advanced editor for better enhancing and modifying screenshots. Plus, it also has a “Task Scheduler” for taking screenshots automatically even you are not in front of the computer. If you need to make video recording, just use its “Screen Recorder”. It allows you to record any region on the screen, not just image editor area. You can try all those advantages by downloading it now.


2. Jing

JingThis is another program like Snip that you can use for free. Jing features the ability to take screenshot of whatever is shown on your computer’s monitor. It also has a basic annotating tool for marking up your captured screenshots with arrow, text, highlight, and box. Furthermore, this app also has a recording function which is useful for making illustrations. The recorded file can be saved on disk, or uploaded it on Screencast’s page. However, its image annotation options are very simple and the screen recording is limited to 5 minutes.

3. PicPick

PicPick iconThis is another alternative to Snip. It features different screen capture modes for capturing any area of the screen, an image editor for adding text, line, shape, and the likes. It even has its own version of whiteboard for creating sketches. In keeping or sharing the captured image, users will be given multiple outputs to select from, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Clipboard, and Facebook.

4. LightShot

LightshotLightShot is a program made for taking screenshot of any kind. This program features an easy to use interface, a fast screenshot capturing with just two clicks, an image editor, and a sharing function. Aside from taking screenshot, this app has a similar image search which allows you to look for dozens of similar photos by just selecting any photo on your screen.


This post gives you a Snip review and provides some alternatives to it. You can choose any one you like. But for the best screenshot experience, it is recommended to use Free Screenshot Capture, because it is lightweight and has added functions, making tasks easier. If you’re not a fan of online app, then you can utilize its Pro version which even has more useful functions like creating task schedules and making videos with its screen recorder.

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